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IBA Bee Breeding Groups

In this section are the Bee Breeding groups across Ireland affiliated with the IBA.

Image Credit: Maria Jordan O’Reilly

Three Counties Black Bee Breeding Group

We are a group of members from 3 Counties beekeeping association who have come together to learn about how to perform queen rearing and bee breeding. We are learning as beginners in beekeeping with a few more senior members who want to know more.

We are established since December 2019,

We feel we need to develop as beekeepers for ourselves and to be able to pass on the skills we learn by trial and error.

Déise Beekeeping

Déise Beekeeping & Conservation Association are a group that promotes the conservation of the native Irish bee Apis Mellifera Mellifera. 
Contact the Secretary:
Deise Bee Breeding Group Facebook Page

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Menapian Bee Breeders

Contact the Secretary:

Irish Buckfast Bees

Irish Buckfast Queen Rearing Group  
All inquiries 353 87 960 3057