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Exams and certificates offered by IBAclg

There are three levels at which evaluation in education is set at the moment.

These are:
Preliminary, Intermediate and Senior.

To begin with the Preliminary cert, please choose an option below (one of the books) for either IBA member or non member. 
Once the order is received, you will be emailed by the Education Officer with the next steps. 

There are exams at each of these levels and certification is granted accordingly.

At Preliminary level there is a written and practical/apiary based skills test.
At both Intermediate and Senior level there are two exams one in Husbandry and the other Scientific.
The syllabus of topics examined at these levels is available on the webpage.

The detail of knowledge of beekeeping and practice required for these exams is different.
In senior a deeper knowledge and understanding of the subject is required.

In Intermediate knowledge and understanding of beekeeping is also required but in less detail.

It is envisaged that every alternate year there is an exam in Husbandry at Senior and Intermediate levels followed by the alternate year of Intermediate Husbandry and Scientific.

A syllabus for each level is available via the green links in the above text, or alternatively under Certificates in the side menu.