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Lectures & Workshops

The following lecturers and demonstrators have agreed to be available to visit our affiliated associations, to give talks and do demonstrations and workshops.

Please discuss payment with the lecturer yourselves. The amount will depend on distances traveled.


Lee, David, Beemaster

Kildorrey, Co Cork
Tel: 022-25595
Mobile: 087 090 4646


The year’s work,
Swarm Control,
Queen Rearing,
Preparing for winter,
Mead Making, apparently the favourite mead lecturer across the country,
Harvesting the crop and preparation for sale i.e. EU regulations,
Will give Beginners talk which will include equipment, the year’s work including assembling frames,occupants of the hive, diseases, swarm control, harvesting the crop and preparing honey  for sale.

Billy O Rourke, CFL

Castleisland, Co. Kerry
086 307 7552 


Any practical topic on request,
Dealing with the foul broods,
Swarm Control.

Mary O Riordan

Carrigrohane, Co Cork
Tel: 087 240 3841
Email: ​ 


Rendering wax, 
Candle making,
Lip balm,
Skin creams,
Furniture polish,

Pat Deasy, former “Beekeeper of the Year”, and owner /proprietor of Deise Honey, is available to speak to local associations on Expansion and Swarm Control in Beekeeping.

PJ Curran and Pat Deasy of the  Déise Beekeeping & Conservation Association, will host breeding and queen rearing workshops throughout the year which will be open to members.

Pierce, Keith – Beemaster,

Castleknock, Dublin 15
Tel: 087 281 8759  Email:


Breeding our native bee,
From egg to incubator to laying queen,
Producing nuclei for replacement or sale,
Spring Management,
Autumn / Winter Management,
Hive records, bees maths & easy swarm control,
Making increase without affecting the honey crop,
Removing the Honey Crop and preparing Honey for Sale,
An introduction to beekeeping,
Diseases and pests of honey bee,
Apideas (mini mating nucs) Their operation and maintenance,
My beekeeping year,
My Queen Rearing System – Producing quality queens,
Swarming for beginners.

Kilmartin, Dara.  CFL

Blackrock, Co.Dublin
Tel:   087-6592935                     


The health relationship between honeybees and humans,
Keeping strong healthy bees,
Practical aspects of microscopy, how to improve the health of my bees,
Pollen and bee nutrition,
Bee stings and apitherapy,
Bee vision and flight orientation,
Botany for Beekeepers: bee important plants,
Seasonal Management,

Lectures & Workshops