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Book Review: Bee Books for Children

‘ABC’s of Beekeeping’ – by Roda Shope.

Full colour, children’s book. 

Published by & available from

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What a memorable, amazing experience to discover the world of bees through the eyes of an expert who’s proven her skills, not only in caring for these wonderful creatures, but photographing them and clarifying the essentials for newcomers. Roda Shope has assembled a breathtaking series of pictures and 26 brilliant alphabetical explanations that make it super easy to learn the important facts. A stunning collection one shouldn’t miss!    

-James J. Cudney, author

“Roda Shope uniquely blends the art of beekeeping and her personal experiences with bees through these pages to inspire a more bee-friendly world. This book will take you on a captivating journey with beautiful photography and inform you about the important role of the beekeeper from A to Z! Armed with nothing more than the love of bees and the right equipment you too can make the world a better place.”

-Kelly Card, beekeeper

‘ABC’s of Honey Bees’ – by Roda Shope.

Full colour, children’s book. 

Published by & available from

Click to buy:


Roda Shope uses her wealth of creative talents and expertise to bring the reader into the lives of bees and their importance in the environment. This book shows the magical intricacies within the hive through brilliant imagery and detailed explanations. As a beekeeping educator, I am always looking for quality materials to share and this book has earned a place in my collection!”

– Mandy Shaw owner at Bella Beek and host of Beekeeper Confidential

“This is a fantastic book!! As a science educator and fellow beekeeper, this is a great book to put in the hands of my students. The information found here will teach students of any age about the honey bee along with the important role they play in our ecosystem. It is so well written that students can easily understand the meaning of the words as well as see an up-close example in the beautiful photos.”

-Erin Hudgins, science teacher and beekeeper. 



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